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How To Get Started

For NBCUniversal Ad Standards Review

How To Submit Your Clearance Materials

Each advertiser and their representatives are responsible for ensuring that their advertising materials are in compliance with all applicable laws and governmental regulations, as well as internal guidelines, standards and policies.

The function of Advertising Standards is to review advertisements for adherence to all such governmental laws and regulations, as well as NBCUniversal’s internal guidelines, standards and policies.

Advertising Standards treats all information and materials submitted by an advertiser or its authorized representative in connection with commercial clearances as strictly confidential.

Please, note we do not accept email submissions.

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1

Create an Account

All users must have an account to submit through the website. In the top menu, select Log In. From there, choose Create A New Account.

After entering the required contact information, the registration request will be sent to the NBCU Advertising Standards team. You’ll hear from us in less than 24 hours.

Step 2

Review Network Guidelines

Once you’ve been approved for an account, you can submit to several NBCU networks using this website. For some networks, only certain categories need to be reviewed by Standards. If an advertiser falls outside of these categories, they should not be submitted to this website.

In the top menu, select Guidelines and Procedures to see our breakdown of networks and the categories we review. Advertising guidelines for each network are also included where applicable.

Step 3

Upload Assets

Upload scripts, storyboards, rough cuts, or slated finals for Standards review. Any supporting documentation such as claim substantiation, affidavits, and as-produced scripts can also be uploaded with submission materials. Video files can be any file size and type.

If you need help uploading and navigating the system, please head over to our Support section for tips and support.

Step 4

Review Process

NBCU will review submitted materials and send a clearance report to the email address that was used to register. This report will include comments, requests for documentation or revision, or any other approval status.

To respond to a request for materials, upload additional materials directly into the system. You can also view a history of your past submissions at any time under your account.
Please, allow 3 business days for review of clearance materials.

Step 5


All finals must be slated and include an ISCI in order to be approved.
NBCU cannot give approval to unslated advertisements.