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Guide to Uploading



1. Go to the Log In page and choose Reset Your Password

2. Enter your Username or Email Address.

(If you are coming over from the previous website this will be the same username you used there).

3. Hit Submit.

4. Password reset instructions will be sent to the email address you used for the previous website.


1. Go to the Log In page and choose Create New Account.

2. Enter your Email Address.

3. Create a Username.

4. Enter your First Name, Last Name, and Company Name (Company Name or Agency Name).

5. Add each Advertiser you will be submitting materials for via the website.

Add one advertiser per row.

For each additional advertiser click Add Another Item and then add your additional advertiser.

Repeat as needed.

6. Click Create New Account.

7. Upon completing your registration you will receive an email confirming your request has been received and pending approval.

8. Once your account has been approved your will receive instructions on how to log in, set your password and other details.


When you originally create your account you will be asked to list all the advertisers you will be submitting materials for via the website.

If you need to add additional advertisers after your initial sign-up please:

1. Contact the Support Team using the provided form.

2. Include "Additional Advertisers" in the Subject Line.

3. The Support Team will reach out to you to complete your request.

YouTube Playback Notes:
*Playback: Open video to view in browser
*Quality: Adjust to 1080p HD
*Speed: Adjust Playback Speed as needed

YouTube Playback Notes:
*Playback: Open video to view in browser
*Quality: Adjust to 1080p HD
*Speed: Adjust Playback Speed as needed

YouTube Playback Notes:
*Playback: Open video to view in browser
*Quality: Adjust to 1080p HD
*Speed: Adjust Playback Speed as needed

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Table of Contents

Click on the time stamp to view that topic.
o:oo Intro
2:24 How to Submit Materials
3:00 How to Reset My Password
3:56 How to Log In
4:30 Submitting, Redirected to MediaQurator/ SSO
5:27 MediaQurator Walk Thru + Live Support
6:18 Create a Submission; adding video files + supporting docs
9:54 Selecting the Destination / Networks. What do the colors mean?
15:41 Submission Sent, Now What? Your Dashboard + Review Status
16:11 Fulfilling Pending Document Requests
19:33 How Do I Add New Products?
21:44 Messaging with the Ad Standards Editor
22:25 Searching Your Dashboard; Applying Filters
24:31 End of Demo/ Q&A
24:57 Does the file format matter?
26:27 Storyboards, Scripts, Rough cuts + Finals- do you review all of these?
27:00 How Do I Create a New Advertiser?
28:54 Can I Still Use MediaQurator or MediaVu?
29:34 What's the review turnaround time? How can I request a rush review?
31:07 Do you review for Cable News - CNBC, MSNBC and digital?
31:57 Will I received an emailed confirmation?
33:07 Does each network still have specific editor? Messaging with editor.
38:00 Will previous submissions transfer over from the previous NBC portal?
40:07 Is VOD handled through this portal?
42:27 Are there file formats or size requirements for materials?
45:17 How do I know my spot is approved?
47:27 What does the "Other" approval status mean?
47:54 Does NBC require AD-IDs or ISCIs?
49:06 Submitting of an advertiser that is usually handled by another agency.
50:37 Is there any change with who will be reviewing our content?
51:37 Is the site live? I received an error message.
52:12 I have a MediaQurator account already.
53:36 Is this portal just for clearance? Do I still need to submit for on-air?
54:13 Do you clear for VOD through this portal?
54:49 My ad is approved with an ISCI do I still need to submit with an AD-ID?

Check Here for Answers To


Yes. For NBC and Telemundo you can submit either via MediaQurator, MediaVu or the new NBCU Standards website.
For our other properties please refer to the Guidelines and Procedures page for details on how to submit.
No. All clearance materials must be submitted through the NBCU Standards website, MediaQurator or MediaVu in order to be reviewed. This will help us consolidate our submissions and ultimately give more timely responses.
For our other properties please refer to the Guidelines and Procedures page for details on how to submit.
If the question pertains to our procedures or our guidelines, feel free to email or call an editor directly. Please, refer to the Editor Contact List and contact the editor that handles the category on which you have a question.

If you don't know the category editor you can refer to the Category Contact List. You'll find the editors listed by network and category.

If the question pertains to a technical issue with a specific commercial, please send your message via the Website Support, or contact MediaQurator or MediaVu if you are using those services.

Advertisers should allow up to 3 business days for review of commercial materials.
You will receive a confirmation email after submitting your materials. This report lists the approval status of the submissions.
Additional requests are also listed in the report.
The commercial operations department. Please, visit the Commercial Operations website for more specific information regarding traffic instructions and technical specifications.
No. Advertisers must upload a final, slated viewing copy and as-produced script via the NBC Ad Standards website separate from the on-air materials that are sent to our MOC in Englewood Cliffs.
If submitting a Split: 30s / Piggybacks, please indicate the product names separated by a slash ( / ). For example, “Skim Milk / Orange Juice”.
When the upload is complete you will also receive an automated email notification to confirm your submission.

Please Note:
We no longer require specific tech specs for material uploads.
All common video and document file types and sizes are permissible.

The system can transcode most file types so there is no need to match a requested file size and format. This includes video and audio specifications.

We request you upload the best quality file you have available.

Unsure if you file type is acceptable?
Upload it to the system and once the transcode is completed you can check by opening the file and/or playing it back.
If it plays properly for you it will work for the editor as well.

Google Chrome 35+ (Windows, MacOS)
Internet Explorer 11+ (Windows 8.1+)
Microsoft Edge (Windows 10+)
Firefox 38+ (Windows, MacOS)
Safari 8+ (MacOS 10.10+)

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